Our Most Popular Color Ever...

Orange RUX 70L and Pocket


Create the foundation of your gear system with the original 70L hauler.

Multi-functional, Weatherproof, Durable. Guaranteed for life…

Loading a RUX 70L into a truck

BYO (Build Your Own)

Add your components. It’s all here to mix and match into the gear management system of your dreams.

Carrying an Orange RUX Waterproof Bag
RUX Waterproof Bag

The weatherproof adventure tote for every occasion. Functional to the extreme, stylish for the everyday.

Orange RUX 70L and RUX Pocket
RUX Pocket

Essential for organizing your small valuables. Connect it to your RUX 70L or Waterproof Bag for grab n’ go convenience!

Using the RUX Bag to pack camping gear

A must-have component for your RUX 70L. It fits within your RUX, dividing up your storage space. Also incredibly handy for everyday use.


Bundle Up!

Paralyzed by indecision? We did the hard work for you. Here are our most popular product combinations, bundled together to save you and a little dough. Go all-out with Orange, or mix n’ match to your hearts desire.

Packing the RUX Essentials Set into a Land Rover
RUX Essentials Set

Pair the RUX Pocket and Bag with a 70L for THE best way to dive into the RUX System.

Packing the RUX All-In Bundle
All In Bundle

Uncover the full potential of the RUX system with a RUX 70L, 2x 25L RUX Bags, 2x RUX Pockets, and two sets of RUX Utility Straps.

RUX Adventure Set in front of a Jeep
RUX Adventure Set

Dive in deeeeep with the RUX 70L, Pocket, Bag, and Waterproof Bag. You’ll be ready for anything with this bundle!