10 Clever Ways to Utilize the RUX 70L at the Campsite

10 Clever Ways to Utilize the RUX 70L at the Campsite

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Are you ready to take your camping experience to the next level? Meet your ultimate camping companion - the RUX 70L! This rugged and versatile gear storage solution is designed to make your camping adventures a breeze. We’ve got 10 clever ways to maximize the use of your RUX 70L at the campsite, inspired by real-life experiences that we’re going to share with you.

RUX 70L as Camping Kitchen

1. Organized Camp Kitchen

Bid farewell to chaotic camp kitchens! The RUX 70L offers ample space to store your cookware, utensils, and spices neatly. Utilize the modular RUX System, such as the RUX Bag and RUX Pocket, to keep everything in place and easily accessible, so you can whip up delicious campfire meals with ease. Pro tip: We use the RUX Pocket to organize all of our camping cutlery.

Friends cooking at their campsite. We see a man pulling out cooking spices from RUX Pocket to use for their BBQ.

2. Food Storage Solution

No need to worry about critters getting into your food! The RUX 70L's secure and waterproof roll-top design keeps your edibles safe and dry. Use it as a dedicated food storage solution and say hello to hassle-free meal planning at the campsite.

3. Clean Clothes Organizer

Keep your clean clothes separated from the muddy ones! The RUX 70L's spacious interior allows you to pack fresh clothes in one section while reserving the other for dirty laundry. Stay organized throughout your camping trip without the need for extra bags. RUX Bags are perfect to separate your clean and dirty clothes.

Man carrying multiple 70L Rux Bags to his tent. Holds all his gear.

4. Essential Gear Carrier

From tents to sleeping bags, the RUX 70L can handle it all. Its durable build and robust design make it the perfect carrier for your essential camping gear, ensuring nothing gets left behind during your outdoor excursions.

5. Campsite Equipment Storage

A clutter-free campsite is a happy campsite! The RUX 70L provides plenty of space for storing campsite tools like hammers, stakes, and campsite repair kits. Utilize the modular RUX System to keep your tools organized and easily accessible.

The 70L showing the modular system with the other bags, holding all the gear you need for your campsite.

6. Adventure Gear Hauler

Planning to indulge in water sports, hiking, climbing, fishing, or any other epic adventures? The RUX 70L is up for the challenge! Use it to carry your adventure gear, such as biking gear, hiking poles, or climbing rack, making sure you're ready for any outdoor activity.

7. Campfire Entertainment Center

Keep the fun going around the campfire! The RUX 70L can double as an entertainment center, storing board games, musical instruments, and campfire storytelling essentials, so you and your fellow campers can enjoy memorable evenings under the stars.

Baby sitting inside the RUX 70L

8. Kid's Toy Storage

Camping with little ones? The RUX 70L can be a saviour for keeping their toys and games organized. With a dedicated section for their entertainment, you can easily locate and access their favourite playthings, keeping the whole family happy.

9. Outdoor Photography Gear Protector

If you're a photography enthusiast, the RUX 70L offers a safe haven for your camera gear and accessories. Its rugged build protects your equipment from the elements, ensuring you capture stunning outdoor moments without worry.

10. Waterproof First Aid Kit Holder

Safety first! Use the RUX 70L to store your first aid kit securely and keep it easily accessible during emergencies. Its waterproof feature ensures your medical supplies remain protected, providing peace of mind for you and your fellow campers.

With the RUX 70L by your side, your camping experience will be elevated to new heights of organization and convenience. Eliminate camping clutter and welcome the joy of seamless outdoor adventures with the power of RUX! 🌲🏕️

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