RUX Corporate Sales Program

Purpose built to make more time and space for people on the move with gear.

Custom logos on RUX 70L and RUX Waterproof Bag

Gift The Best Gear Management System

The RUX System is based on our flagship RUX 70L. A weatherproof, collapsible 70L gear carrier - consider this your gear basecamp.

The 70L features proprietary inner and outer Utility Rails that allow RUX Components to be easily attached via our RUX buckles, creating an effective way to move and use your gear.

The RUX 70L, Waterproof Bag, and RUX Pocket organizing your camping gear
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"It's hard to imagine going back to a pile of bins and bags. I'm considering investing in a second RUX"

"The RUX 70L System is a crowdpleaser!"

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"The RUX 70L is the do-it-all container of our dreams

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"It's all the good parts of a box combined with all the good parts of a bag."

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"RUX May Have the Perfect Storage Solution for Your Outdoor Adventures"

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"The RUX is one of the outdoor industries’ best kept secrets—but not for long."

Custom corporate logo on a RUX 70L

Save Big On The Ultimate Storage Solution

Save 20%-45% on orders ranging from 24 units and up.

Give a unique branded gift that is high-quality, versatile, and backed by a lifetime warranty.

Purpose built to make more time and space for people on the move with gear.


Custom logos available on RUX 70L gear organization & storage solutions

The original rugged, collapsible, highly portable gear storage and carry system.

Custom corporate logo on a RUX Waterproof Bag
RUX Waterproof Bag

Self standing, highly versatile, 100% waterproof 25L+ shoulder bag.

Custom corporate logo on a RUX Bag

Easy to pack ‘n grab 25L bag that nests in the RUX 70L or acts as a stand-alone tote.

RUX Pocket

Weather resistant 3L pocket to conveniently organize small items

RUX Soft Cooler Bag

Lightweight, compressible, and easy to carry 25L Soft Cooler Bag.

RUX Cooler Cube

Lightweight and durable Cooler Cube. Perfect for an après six-pack. 

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