Tight gear, loose plans.

It all started in Andre's Whistler garage. The struggle was real.

He was busy repacking all his gear between storage bins, duffel bags, truck boxes, you name it. He'd rather already be at his cabin at Gunn Lake - mountain biking, boating, UTVing, dirt biking, relaxing - ANYTHING but packing bags.

"This blows. We can do better."

-Andre, June 2019

So he called these two

Enter Tony & Trina

Elite alpinist turned industrial designer for Arc'teryx climbing and military gear, Tony had a lifetime of better gear management ideas of his own. Trina's experience with colours, sourcing and materials meant it might actually happen.

Then Came Jamie. And His Heard.

Fresh off a family year in Indonesia, Jamie knew the gear struggle all too well. With 3 young boys, an active wife and way too much gear for riding, climbing, skating, kiting, surfing, and skiing, early whispers of RUX showed potential to solve his life crux - creating enough time, space and energy to mobilize the family and get outside.

RUX was born. The mission? Make space for the good life by creating the most agile system for people to manage and move their gear.


Luckily, none of these people can let a good problem go unsolved. Especially Andre. With his track record of successful startups, the team's passion for gear logistics, a mindblowingly supportive community of friends, family and early adopters... RUX launched through crowdfunding in 2020 and never looked back.

RUX is...

...the only brand dedicated to building an integrated system for outdoor gear carry and storage.

Let life get in the way, not your things.