2022 RUX Recap

2022 RUX Recap

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2022 - What a Year at RUX!

Huge, huge thank you to each and everyone of you who engaged with RUX in 2022. Customers, suppliers, partners, advisors, community members, all of you! It was an absolutely mindblowing year for our small (but growing!) company out of Squamish, BC, Canada, and we could not have done it without you. 

Flashback to January 2022. We had nothing to sell! Your demand outweighed what Covid supply chains could get us, so we endured 3 months of zero inventory! But new and returning customers pre-ordered and we made it happen in time for spring. 

Skip to late spring, we launched our limited run of RUX Waterproof Bags! Pre-orders came in hot, and we sold out way before year end. Thanks to all you early adopters, we’ve got more coming for spring ‘23. Watch out for them. 

RUX Waterproof Bag Roll Top RUX Waterproof Bag On Beach

Meanwhile, our family of retail partners is growing every week! It’s amazing to see the diversity of shops who see the potential for RUX utility… from camping stores to automotive, luggage to fish & tackle, overland to diving, coast to coast. 

Valhalla Pure Outfitters RUX Retailer  Field Theory RUX Retailer MEC Mountain Equipment Company RUX Retailer

Jump to fall '22; we gave our wholesale channel a turbo boost with talented new sales reps in 8 new territories in Canada and the USA. We can’t wait to see where RUX shows up in 2023. 

The RUX brand traveled far and wide in 2022. We launched RUX Storytellers in August, collaborating with amazing creators all over North America to spread the RUX vibes. RUX was featured and reviewed in numerous publications, including People, Men’s Journal, Forbes, Wired and many more. 

RUX meet world. We finally got out of our pandemic travel bubble too. We attended events from West Coast to NYC to Texas, and also had an incredibly rewarding visit with our amazing factory partners in Vietnam.

RUX Factory Vietnam RUX Factory Vietnam

Three years into the RUXperiment and we’re still ‘drinking from the fire hose’ and learning tonnes everyday. Tony and the design team are bursting with product ideas to build out the RUX system. We’re getting your customer feedback from RUX in the field and we’re loving it. Whether it’s a ski expedition to Baffin Island, a dune buggy race in the dessert, or just a family trying to get out for the weekend, your needs and ideas are on point. 

RUX Ski Sail RUX Baja Dune Buggy RUX Heli Ski

Enough about us. Hope you all had an amazing 2022 as well. We are psyched to have you all with us for 2023 and beyond! Thanks again everyone. 

Tony, Andre, Jamie, and everyone at RUX

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