'Both Feet In!'  Weekly Pre-Launch Update

'Both Feet In!' Weekly Pre-Launch Update

Posted by Jamie Bond on

Something about coming full circle...

Startups have a way of growing and changing. We originally started RUX because of our own frustration packing and hauling gear as we pursued the sports we love and the active lifestyles we all live. Then we dove into the world of crowdfunding chaos, marketing mayhem, and advertising algorithms. ⁠ ⁠

We wanted to stay open to all possibilities, so we took a step back from our outdoor adventure focus. Maybe soccer moms would love RUX? Maybe the pro-organizers? We even learned what a #shelfie was.⁠ ⁠

But the people are talking and despite multiple concussions, we're listening. It turns out the 'crowd' in crowdfunding is more than five letters. We've been making a lot of new friends lately, and luck would have it this awesome RUX community is into all the same things we're into: making time and space for the good life outside.

So although we'll never turn down halftime orange slices, we know our focus was right all along.


Julian Kenchenten Photo


What Now? Double Down. Get Wild. Launch Soon.

We couldn't help ourselves. We designed RUX into a premium, ultra-durable, mother-nature-proof, agile and adaptable gear hauling monster. Enough adjectives?

We're honing in on river-worthy waterproofing with each day of tinkering. The rim and rails we just ordered are made from the same composite nylon as the hefty axe guarding our studio door. 

You get the point.

Despite how we might have first described it, RUX is not simply a mix between a Rubbermaid and a bag. It's more like the lovechild of a protective gear case, a utility tote, and an expedition duffel. Yes, a threesome, don't ask. Maybe add in a dash of baby wolf spider, because it's going to devour its parents upon birth. Or something like that ;)

Sure, it'll carry crafts or shelf itself in your garage with the best of them, but don't leave it there long or it'll get restless. It belongs on the road or in the wild, as do you.



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  • Is there any plan for an insert or something to make these rigid enough to be stackable?

    Dawson Hobbs on

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