#GearChallenge On Lockdown

#GearChallenge On Lockdown

Posted by Jamie Bond on

#GearChallenge Update

**The contest is now closed and we'll be announcing a winner soon. But keep the tag alive and keep making the making the most of your space, time, health and gear, and keep tagging when relevant.**

Here’s the deal. The public health docs have told everyone to keep your pants on, stay home and “clean your garage”. We’re gonna see their challenge, and raise it. 

Normal life is on pause, plans are uncertain, but we won’t be stuck in quarantine forever. When it's time to get rowdy in the wild again, we’d all better be ready with our gear tight and our plans loose

RUX is all about making time and space for the good life, and this challenge is gonna whip your ass into making it happen. How? With the most effective motivators - public shaming and prizes. 


  1. Gram a photo of your gear wall (or closet / garage / shed / van) 
  2. Tag #GearChallenge at minimum. For chances to win TAG & FOLLOW @RUX.life 
  3. Tag 2 friends to challenge them.  We’ll double your odds, plus you get to expose their gear wall.
Then sit back and enjoy a good roasting. We’ll repost our favourites, call out the heros, roast you lazy ones with messy setups, and just have a good ‘ol belly laugh while we’re all at it. Andre our in-house cynic isn’t shy to speak his mind. Consider it a gear storage bootcamp. 

Everyone has their own style. Either flaunt how bad-ass your nerded out set-up is, or leave people wondering how the hell you mobilize for an adventure amongst the $#*tshow of your gear. 


Everyone’s a winner in this one - get motivated, win stuff, test gear. 

You either get your ass kicked into tightening up your gear, or you might win a RUX from our first production run. We’ll throw in some limited edition I Heart Box swag to sweeten the deal.

Plus we’ll pluck some of you for product testing, so you can have fun abusing our prototypes that Tony so meticulously builds for you. 

Good luck and keep’er tight.

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