How to Carry your RUX

How to Carry your RUX

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The actual answer to this: any way you want! The RUX 70L is designed in a modular way, meaning you can adjust and move the carry straps in any style you want. We’re still seeing our customers find new ways to carry and move their 70Ls.

Carrying is made easy and efficient by utilizing the Grab Handles or Carry Straps that come with the 70L, and are designed to be moved around on the outside Utility Rails in order to set up your 70L exactly how you want.

Here’s a few options for efficient carry of the RUX 70L.

How to Carry your RUX tote carry


The grab handles situated on either end of the 70L are perfect for tote-style carry. Unlike a slippery plastic tote with not much room to grab, the handles are roomy and comfortable, allowing for easy carry with bulky gloves on, and comfortable under weight. Pro tip: if the 70L is too heavy, use two people to grab each side! A family-friendly technique.

How to carry your RUX one-handed market carry

One Handed (or Market Carry)

Using the shortened Carry Straps with a lightly-packed 70L, the one-handed technique works like a charm, allowing you freedom with the other hand to drink a beer, handle a baby, axe throw, or whatever else you need to do.

How to carry your RUX over the shoulder


Our wide, comfortable Carry Straps distribute load effectively, making the over-the-shoulder technique a popular one for carry. You can use one or both of the carry straps to achieve this method. One technique is to use a single carry strap attached to opposite corners of the end rails, fashioning a sort of messenger bag set-up with the strap.

How to carry your RUX backpack mode


Our most popular carry method! The wide shoulder straps work perfectly for this technique. Even with a fully loaded 70L, the backpack mode allows for long distance travel over technical terrain. We’ve tested it on hours long hikes into remote surf breaks, and it works like a charm. Pro tip: cinch up the one side of the carry straps all the way, and loosen the other side to size, in order to get a good backpack fit.

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