How to Use the RUX Packing System

How to Use the RUX Packing System

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We’re excited to introduce the RUX Packing System! We’re releasing a super limited run of this System, designed to integrate into other RUX products like the 70L or Waterproof Bag, and built to take your gear organization to the next level. Let’s go over why we designed them and how to use ‘em!

An Overview of the RUX Packing System

  1. Waterproof Packing Cuboid

    This is the 8L Waterproof Packing Cuboid. Equipped with 360 degree lashpoints along the bottom, hide-away grab handles to use for transport, and a RUX Buckle to connect to the Utility Rail of your RUX 70L this is the king of all packing cubes… It’s made using a new clear TPU coated nylon. Designed to be tough and durable, while allowing you to see the contents within.

  2. Waterproof Packing Cube

    A smaller, simpler, version of the Cuboid. Coming in at 3.5Ls, it has a fold closure system ensures water, dust, snow stays out and your gear stays in. It’s also locked and loaded with lashpoints and a RUX Buckle. Also made using our new clear TPU coated nylon.

  3. Breathable Packing Cube

    This is the 3.5L ultra-light Breathable Packing Cube! Made from mono-mesh, this packing cube is a necessary addition to the packing system. It quickly compresses down and is super lightweight!

So, why even use packing cubes?

  • Find things easily – We like to pack each cube by category. It’s fast and easy to quickly find your gear inside your 70L. No need to dig through your entire RUX, just to find your missing sock! Just take our the relevant cube and you’re off to the races!
  • Save space – By organizing your gear within the RUX Packing System, you can squeeze more into your 70L! Each cube nests together, so you’ll have no wasted space.
  • Keep your gear dry – The Waterproof Cuboid and Cube use roll-top closures, so they’re fully waterproof (like the RUX Waterproof Bag).

How to Use the RUX Packing System

The entire Packing System has been designed to work perfectly together within the larger RUX System. You can nest the Packing Cubes within each other and then pack them perfectly into your RUX 70L, Waterproof Bag, or Bag. This unlocks a limitless world of gear-nerd organization (and yes, that’s the technical term). All the Packing Cubes also have RUX Buckles, which are designed to clip into the Utility Rail on your RUX 70L. This allows you to have your packing cubes ready when you need ‘em!

The Waterproof Packing Cuboid is the core of the Packing System. It’s the biggest, baddest packing cube we’ve got. It has the footprint of half of your RUX 70L. It’s the perfect foundation to pack your gear in. It also fits seamlessly into the RUX Waterproof Bag and Bag, allowing even further gear organization. It’s ideal for the bulk of your gear.

The Waterproof Packing Cube is the little brother of the Cuboid. It’s ideal for organizing smaller items within your 70L. It also fits directly inside the larger Cuboid so, if you’re like us (which you probably are), you can get really deep into organizing your gear.

The Breathable Packing Cube is perfect for dirty clothes, or just those times where you just wanna go fast and light. It compresses down to take up, virtually, no space.

These are likely the only ever production run of this exact product. So, get in early, give us your feedback, and help shape our packing system product line.

They’re available for pre-order now, and shipping Early March. They’re 15% off, like all other experimental lab items. Go get ‘em!! They won’t last long.

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