How to use your RUX 70L for Surfing

How to use your RUX 70L for Surfing

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Ride the Waves with RUX 70L: A Surfer's Dream Gear Companion

Surf's up! If you're a wave-chaser and stoked to hit the ocean, we've got your back (and gear) covered. Meet the RUX 70L, the ultimate surfing sidekick that'll take your beach adventures to legendary status. You might be wondering, "How can a gear tote be rad for surfing?" Well, stick around, and we'll break it down for you in classic RUX style.

Man carrying his surfboard and wearing the RUX 70L as a backpack.

Catch Waves, Not Worries: Weatherproof Wonder

Are you tired of dealing with wet gear and a ruined vibe after a day of surfing? The RUX 70L will keep your surf essentials dry, rain or shine. Say goodbye to soggy post-surf clothes and hello to a worry-free surf session with this reliable surf tote by your side.

Wipeouts? No Problem: Durable & Tough

Surfing means spills and thrills, wipeouts and get-back-ups. The RUX 70L can handle the gnarliest wipeouts, thanks to its rugged and durable design. Made to take a beating, it's your trusty partner through all the ups and downs of the surf life. Note: we don’t actually recommend taking the 70L into the lineup with you, but if you do, send pics.

Close up of RUX 70L

Easy in, Easy Out: Accessorize & Organize

Keep your gear game strong with RUX's modular system. Add accessories like the RUX Bag and Pocket to stash your wax, fins, and beach essentials. Stay organized and look like a pro when you roll up to the break. Ditch the chaos, and own the lineup with RUX 70L's surf-ready organization.

Find Your Zen with RUX

No surfer has time to lug around a clunky, uncomfortable bag. The RUX 70L's adjustable shoulder straps allows you to carry it your way: throw it over your shoulder or on your back. Cruise to your spot in comfort, ready to soak up the sun and catch the best waves.

Man getting his gear out of the RUX 70L, prepping for his surf.

Surf or No Surf: All-in-One Adventure Buddy

The best part? The RUX 70L is not just for surfing—it's an all-in-one adventure buddy! Take it on your epic road trips, camping escapades, or beach bonfire nights. It's the trusty companion that won't let you down, no matter where your adventures take you. Upgrade your surf game and get your hands on the RUX 70L. Embrace the stoke, ride the waves, and let the good times roll. 🏄‍♂️

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