RUX Just Got Better. New Feature Updates.

RUX Just Got Better. New Feature Updates.

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It's a gorgeous winter day at RUX HQ in Squamish, BC, Canada. Cold, crisp and clear. But before we duck out for a ride, here's the latest project updates. Dig in. 


RUX Got Upgraded

We're pleased to share that we snuck numerous enhancements into RUX's first production run. Simply put, RUX just got better. 

Watch the Instagram Highlights, or buzz the video and updates below. 



  1. Compression Straps - You asked, we answered. Many of you were keen to see compression straps on your RUX. Tony and Jeff made it happen. We extended the lid straps down to the base of the bag, allowing you to keep your RUX partially or fully compressed by tightening the straps. The compression straps can also be attached to the utility rail so they function just as the lid strap shown in previous prototypes, or removed if you don't need them for your next outing.
  2. Lower Attachment Points -  The compression straps were made possible by heat welding a subtle patch of double layered nylon to the lower sides of the bag. The patch is shaped like an eyelet and is far more useful than just attaching compression straps. It doubles as a lower point to lash your RUX to racks or cages, and yields open access to the lid. 
  3. T Rings - It'll be easiest to just watch the video for this one. This clever aluminum ring helps attach the compression straps to the bag or the rails, and even helps secure the lid. It's yet another custom designed component that will help RUX's overall versatility.  
  4. Carry Straps - These got simpler, cleaner and more efficient. The RUX custom quick-release buckles from local Canadian manufacturer turned out great and we're glad we can add them to your RUX. 
  5. Improved Lid - After navigating the nuances of compressed foam, we refined the lid shape and size, and successfully added an elastic 'skirt' around the perimeter of the lid to further boost it's weatherproof qualities. It still folds in half well, and we're frequently using it on the side as a change mat, seat pad, picnic tray, you name it. It has been surprisingly useful. 
  6. Corners - It's amazing how much process went into selecting the materials for the corner stays. RUX is part bag and part box after all. We're trying to hit the sweet spot. We selected corner stays that stand up more naturally than earlier versions, and also made them easily removable in case you prefer your RUX to behave more like a bag. 

There's probably more to share, but this list is long enough! Kudos to anyone who made it through this post. 


Timing & Process

We initiated our production process on schedule, and are currently still tracking towards June delivery. We continue to keep you posted on progress and/or changes. 

Right now our manufacturing partners are mostly enjoying a well-deserved holiday week, then the real fun begins as the production gets going. Stay tuned for more.


Backerkit Surveys

Thank you to everyone who completed their Backerkit surveys in a timely manner.

There's still a few stragglers, so please complete your survey soon. If you haven't received the email, just let us know. 



-RUX Team


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  • Glad to hear you placed your production order! Good luck to you all! Go get ’em!

    Charles on

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