Tight Gear Tuesday With Freeskier James Heim

Tight Gear Tuesday With Freeskier James Heim

Posted by Jamie Bond on

You know the drill; keep your gear tight and your plans loose. Good things will follow.

#TightGearTuesday is back with our next unsung hero of tight gear and loose plans. This guy needs no introduction but we’re giving him one anyways. By day, he drops cliffs and straight lines like a loose cannon. By night, he juggles twin daughters and family life in Pemberton, BC. We’re not sure which is his super hero mode and which is his John Doe secret identity. Could go either way.

In between modes, he slides his daily adventure rigs into a utopian garage full of organized bliss and eternal readiness.

You’ve seen him charging in MSP, Blank and other ski films since the dawn of time.

We’re talking about big mountain freeskier James Heim.

We made Heimer fill in some blanks to share his secrets with the world:

— — — — — 

#TightGearTuesday With James Heim

I ski so damn fast because: 
It’s way easier than skiing slow.

Stomping a big-ass cliff is better than: 
Everything :)

I juggle family life with GNAR life by: Taking only risks that are manageable. Well kinda ;)



The secret to my OCD organized garage is: Sheer frustration, it’s way too annoying to find anything if the garage is unorganized.

I do it because: I want more time doing activities than getting ready to do them.

(Now THAT is a ski wall. Looks like the toy room could use some kid sized toys though.)

My favourite gear hack is: Having one set of tools for each sport, how many times have you forgot something cause it’s in your other bag… son of a #!#!#.

The best summer sport is: Mountain Biking




Right now I’m making space for: Time! I’m making lots of space for that.

First thing I’m gonna do when the world gets back to normal is: I’ll probably be doing the same thing actually; chasing around twins and trying to do as many activities as possible.



Deep thought of the day: 
Never give up on what you want to do.


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