RUX App: Packing Lists

RUX App: Packing Lists

Posted by Joseph Schwartz on

The tent is set up, the kids are hungry. Time to start camp dinner with the food you brought. Wait..... the food!! It's right where you left it, in the fridge at home. 

Packing lists are critical when you're juggling a million things trying to get ready for a trip. Whether it's a jaunt to the local campground for the weekend, or a Himalayan alpine route, we all use packing lists. That's why RUX has developed our own, for you to use, and hopefully never forget that critical item ever again. 

Scan QR Code

First, if you haven't already, register your RUX and login to the RUX App by scanning the QR code in the clear window of your RUX. You can also login at You don't even need to own a RUX to use our packing list feature! 

Navigate to the Packing Lists tab via the menu icon in the top-left corner. Once in there, create as many lists as your heart desires. One can't really have too many packing lists. We use them for sports, camping, kids soccer games, days out with the babies... lists are what keep us sane and organized. 

RUX Packing List

Got a crew you need to keep on track? You can share out your individual packing lists from the app. One quick click, and share your organized list of must-have items for the adventure at hand. Make sure no-one forgets anything crucial! You can even create personalized lists (eg. "Joe: group gear responsibilities"). 

We've been there, the dummy who forgot their sleeping bag for that long-awaited hut trip, or the gas canister for the group cook stove. No longer though, with the RUX Packing List. Step up your gear game with the RUX App!

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