How to Pack for the Stone King Rally

How to Pack for the Stone King Rally

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The Stone King Rally is a bucket list race for any rider. An epic adventure from the Southern Alps all the way to the Mediterranean with over 8000m of climbing and over 20,000m of descending in 6 days. Getting ready is no small task. Add to that the fact you’ll be camping and you’re flying internationally to get there and you have some serious recreational logistics ahead of you. If you’d like to learn more about the event check out their website or my blog post from last year

Let’s start with the list of all the things you’ll need for the Stone King. The RUX App is the perfect way to inventory and track your gear. The Stone King team has put together another great list here.

There’s a few things you don’t have to bring, let’s clear that up right off the bat.

  • Tent
  • Sleeping Pad
  • Camp food or any cooking equipment
  • Extensive bike tools (there’s a mechanic truck)

So let’s talk about what you should bags and boxes you’ll be packing:

  1. Bike Bag or Box
  2. Checked Bag (The RUX 70L is perfect)
  3. Carry on Bag (Laptop bag or compressed RUX 70L)
  4. Carry on personal bag (RUX Waterproof Bag)

Bike Bag:

Pack your bike bag. Fill it with light stuff that protects bike. To protect the frame and fork, pipe insulation around the frame works well, The other option is rags which can also be used for cleaning. Let air out of tires at least, not completely. Don’t forget the brake pad inserts! By the time you’ve got your bike packed plus the weight of the bike bag you’ll probably be pretty pretty close to the weight limit so don’t plan on putting a lot of other heavy things like tools etc in your bike bag. There’s a couple little things I’d try to put in here such as:

  • Cleaning brush
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Lube in zip lock

Checked Luggage:

Pretty much everything else goes in here.Heavy stuff in other checked baggage rather than bike bag (bike bag will already be close to limit). 

You can put other stuff in here that you won’t take on the race as you can stash it in your bike bag and you’ll end up with it at the end of the trip.

Carry On Luggage:

You want to be ready to ride if your checked luggage like bike and gear doesn’t show up.

  • helmet 
  • shoes 
  • pedals 
  • One set of riding clothes
  • Riding pack, vest or fanny if you can

*No Tools!

Other than that just check the list twice.


  • Energy Bars
  • Electrolyte drinks
  • Gummies / Blocks
  • Gels


  • Full Allen keys
  • Chain Breaker
  • Tire Gauge


  • Tire(s)
  • Brake Pads
  • chain

First Aid Kit

Lots of days in the saddle, so also consider:

  • balm/Vaseline/diaper cream
  • freezing cream
  • chamois cream

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