RUX Rides: Jensen Brehm's EarthCruiser

RUX Rides: Jensen Brehm's EarthCruiser

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Who are you? What do you do? Where do you live? What makes you happiest?

Muchos Holas! My name is Jensen, I'm the founder over at Ombraz Sunglasses. I hail from Seattle, but our whole team works remote so I spend a lot of my time in Mexico, Brazil, Spain - and recently, the Baker parking lot in the new Fuso rig!

I’d describe myself as a creator, environmentalist and explorer. I’ve got a profound love for being outside and mingling with new faces. I’ve designed and implemented my own unconventional living roof systems for residences in the Pacific Northwest, built wind turbines with a team of engineers for coastal villages in India and designed small 800-SF off-the-grid eco-homes. I put the same emphasis into running Ombraz, that I do living life - have a great time, laugh, learn and explore but do so with a profound appreciation for earth’s fragile ecosystems, and an intent to make this planet a better place for all its inhabitants.

Describe your vehicle: make, model, etc.

2017 Mitsubishi Fuso FG. Super Singles, 3” Lift, extended chassis. On the back, we’ve got a total composite habitat box with Outbound windows and doors. The box is 15’ long, 8.5’ wide and 7.5’ tall. It’s a little studio apartment with 4x4 capabilities. Inside, the goal was to make it feel like a Scandinavian cabin, with some subtle Japanese inspiration.

Describe your favourite feature of your vehicle.

It’s gotta be the recirculating cedar shower. 5-system filtration system that enables endless hot water showers. The heated floors are also an amazing luxury in the winter.

Best location/adventure you've ever had with your vehicle?

I just got back from a three week stint in Japser, Canada. It was AMAZING. For those reading this who havent been up on the icefield parkway to Jasper - youve got to do it. One of the most amazing roads in North America.

Most epic stuck/breakdown/wrong turn/disaster story from the build?

First week into owning the rig - I was filling the shower tanks and filled them too far and water came up out the drain, into the shower floor, out the door, and flooded the cabin. 3” of standing water in the living space. Let’s just say I’ll never do that again :)

Any advice to someone thinking of getting into a custom adventure vehicle?

It’s a lot of work - and things don’t always go right.

Extra props to:

Pronghorn EV in Calgary built the rig and they did an awesome job. I can’t recommend them enough. I was their first build, they were just starting up a custom adventure rig building company when I contacted them - now they are booked out for two years!

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