Sled RUX: Mike Henitiuk

Sled RUX: Mike Henitiuk

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Welcome to Sled RUX! In this series we feature members of the RUX community, and share how they use RUX in their snowmobiling adventures. Do you have a cool story about how you use RUX? We’re always interested to hear alternative and adventurous ways our community is using the RUX products.

Who are you? Name, location, occupation, random fact.

Mike Henitiuk, Pemberton, B.C. Cinematographer. Washed up pro skier.

How do you use RUX products for sledding? (tunnel bag, gear hauler, etc)

Hauling gear to the trailhead as well as tunnel bag.

What gear do you carry in your 70L for sledding?

I have two RUX 70Ls for a  day of sledding. One RUX that hauls gear to my truck in the morning with sled boots, sled helmet, jacket, googles anything that I’m going to put on before I ride. The second RUX 70L that I mount to my sled that has ski boots, skins, lunch, extra camera gear that isn’t in my backpack, like batteries, gimbal, drone. As well as medical kit, spare goggles/gloves + tripod.

Why is it better than a more "traditional" tunnel bag? (if you use it as one)

Best part about the RUX is the ability to use or not use the full 70 litres. Depending if I’m shooting, or just going out riding means quite a difference in the amount of gear I need. I like having one bag that can do it all. Also I like the fact that it's a square shape, it allows me to pack my RUX in a way that is easy to access everything in the bag at once without having to remove items and get to other things in my bag. I pull the lid off and I can see everything and grab what I need in that moment. When you're shooting, you have to be faster than the talent/subject. Having the RUX be so efficient and easy to access allows me to set up in time to capture moments that will quickly pass you by in the mountains.

How do you use the same 70L in the off season?

Biking, going to the lake, camping. I use my RUX everyday.

What rack system do you use?


Any other thoughts on RUX and sledding?

Easy to remove the RUX from the rack and place it in the snow, dry and safe while I break trail or double friends around is key. Saving weight means more power/ easier to maneuver the sled.

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